“Everyone Deserves Fresh & Best!”

Thirty One is located in the heart of Ponsonby, few stone’s throw away from Western Park ideally placed for that special occasion, lunch or an evening out.  Enjoy a walk around or playtime with your family, then join us for drinks, bites, lunch/dinner and dessert.


We offer a selection of top-quality cuisines inspired from Fiji, Indian and an Asian Fusion take, served with an unrivaled professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction, in a casual dining setting.


Our specialised bar has a wide range of beer, spirits, cocktails, mocktails and other non-alcoholic drinks to combine with your choice of bites and meals.


Our aim is to provide guests with an experience which encompasses our Indian culture while inspiring the senses with our innovative seasonal menus – keeping quality and service at the peak of it all.


Our Foundation

Many restaurants cook to a certain recipe, which comes with excess oils, colouring, salt, chilli powder, sugar and cream. At Thirty One, we endeavour to make sure that when guests come to our restaurant, they are always in for a special meal.


Special attention has been taken in preparing each dish, with a lot of emphases taken in cooking food in a healthy manner, using minimum oils, no artificial colours, no sugar, less salt, fresh chilli and just enough cream.


We are known for our 31 Special Masala, a secret blend of exotic spices lightly toasted and ground into fine powder. All spices are grinded fresh on site to give taste of fresh flavours. Aniseed, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, garlic, ginger, mustard seeds, turmeric are some of the main herbs spices that we use and are all known of its benefits.


Our Guests are always astonished to see the difference.


Ethos behind the name

For generations, we have had our family recipe Masala, which is made from 31 spices, thus the name, Thirty One. 


Our Facilities

Casual dining and bar facility which can easily cater for every occasion. Small and large parties can be catered for while we offer an excellent service with an unrivalled intimacy of dining.


Indian banquets menus and special arrangements on request for parties of 6 or more people. Talk with our friendly staff and they will try help to meet your specific requests.


Free parking is available across the street after 6pm and during the day, its $1 per hour, cheapest parking in Auckland!



Please never accept any dish which does not meet with your satisfaction.



At Thirty One we aim to make each performance as good as the last, we never forget that it is your special occasion.


All dishes are cooked to our own recipes and in order to provide the best dining experience of our guests, each dish is served and soon as it is prepared.



We are proud to support our local suppliers where possible while keeping fresh and quality in mind.


Customer Care Policy

Please kindly appreciate that one main meal per person is required.


If there is a dish that is not on the menu, kindly ask our staff and we will be more than happy to recommend a similar dish from our menu or even better, we might just even make it (subject to all availability of ingredients)! Please note that it may take time to make that special item if additional preparation is required.


Allergy Awareness

Our restaurant does not use nuts and where possible more than 90% of our menu is Gluten Free. We ensure extra care is taken to accommodate allergies as humanly possible. However If you are allergic to these products, please contact a member of staff.


All items have allergens noted.

    • GF - Gluten Free
    • DF – Dairy Free



“Ours is an ever-evolving story which constantly unfolds as new ingredients and combinations of tastes and flavours are discovered. It is a story of combining the traditional with the new.


Our menu is a little thank you to all those kitchens from across India, Fiji and Asia who were and have been so generous in sharing their secrets with us over the many decades.”